AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Packages

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet

AT&T U-verseReady for high speed Internet at a great price? Have you tried satellite and run of the mill cable Internet suppliers, and were dissatisfied with their price and service? Make the switch over to the high speed, security, protection, and lighting fast speed of AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet.

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet offers both fast speed Internet and telephone service without requiring you to purchase their phone service to receive their high speed Internet service. AT&T U-verse offers 5 different high speed packages based on downstream speed. Downstream speed is the measure of have fast you receive content from the Internet. The 5 packages include the following: Max Turbo, Max Plus, Max, Elite, and Pro Package. This article will explain the value of AT&T U-verse and the value of each package.

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Packages:

The fastest U-verse package is the Max Turbo package, which offers a very high 24 MBPS (mega bytes per second) speed. This package is great for people interested in downloading movies, streaming videos from popular services such as Netflix, and playing on-line video games at the fastest speed available.

The second fastest AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet package is the Max Plus, which offers a high 18 MBPS downstream speed. The Max Plus is great for families and individuals who are interested in using all the different media portals on the Internet such as watching videos on YouTube and Hulu. It is also great for people that need to download large files, and listening to streaming audio at a blazing fast speed.

The third package available with AT&T U-Verse High Speed Internet is the Max plan, which offers a 12 MBPS downstream speed. This is the plan for average Internet usage. People who select this package are basic users that enjoy the fast speed of U-verse, but do not require the fastest speed. Great for the single individual user who doesn't share his or her connection with other users. User who use the Internet for mainly checking Facebook, downloading music, and sharing photos will be satisfied with this package.

The fourth AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet package is the Elite package, which offers 6 MBPS downstream speed. Select this package if you simply want to surf website, interact with social networking groups, play games online, and connect at speeds that are higher than dial up. This is not the speediest package, but is adequate for basic Internet users.

The fifth and final AT&T U-Verse High Speed Internet package is the Pro package, which offers 3 MBPS downstream speed. This is the slowest package and is recommended for users who seldom use the Internet. This is for utilitarian users who just need to use the Internet to search sites and send emails.

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet is the fastest and safest Internet service available. U-verse is offered in 5 distinct packages that will satisfy people who need the fasted connection and people who just need a basic Internet service. You can not go wrong with U-verse.

Surf the Web, play games online, and stay connected at speeds much faster than dial-up.

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